This year thus far, we’ve celebrated the graduations of several of our youth who have put in so much effort and heart throughout the school year. First, we have Yaritssa, who graduated from middle school and will be starting high school in the Spring. Through hard work and determination, she was devoted to not missing a single day of school this year and succeeded! Since graduating, she has vented her concerns with starting at a new school and beginning classes that will be more difficult, but she’s excited nonetheless! We wish her nothing but the best in her transition to the next stage in her education.

A couple of our High School graduates are Ariana and Jose, who are now officially PAL Alumni. Ariana was the President of our Girl Scouts Troop, graduated from Venice High School, and was accepted to all Cal States, but decided upon attending LACC for their pathway to law school program with her dream of being a lawyer.

Jose graduated from Hollywood High School and will be attending Cal State Northridge for Film. Both are moving on to higher education and their next chapter in Life. We’re proud of them all for their dedication to higher education and striving for excellence!

Poker at the Pantages is coming August 23,2024