Hollywood Police Activities League

Hollywood Police Activities League (PAL) is a dynamic non-profit organization that has been empowering youth for 27 years. As an offshoot of the esteemed Police Athletic League, our roots trace back to a social movement initiated in 1914 by Police Commissioner Arthur Woods in New York City. Commissioner Woods recognized the need to provide safe spaces for children living in congested tenements, converting vacant lots into playgrounds and creating traffic-free zones. This innovative approach aimed to prevent delinquency by offering supervised, wholesome play opportunities and fostering positive relationships between police officers and young individuals.

Today, Hollywood PAL continues this legacy by harnessing the power of role models, mentors, and sports and enrichment programs for youth development. Our dedicated law enforcement officers and volunteers serve as mentors, embodying the values of the LAPD and ensuring a secure and nurturing environment for local youth and their families.

We owe our growth and impact to the unwavering support of our community. For over a quarter of a century, businesses and residents have partnered with LAPD Hollywood to build and expand our program. These invaluable collaborations have allowed us to serve over 600 youth annually, delivering new opportunities for growth and development to our diverse and underserved children and families.

As a pillar in the community, Hollywood PAL collaborates closely with fellow nonprofits and businesses to benefit the entire community. We take pride in our resourcefulness, agility, and comprehensive approach to supporting families and serving Hollywood.

Thanks for joining us April 28th at the
2024 HPAL Car Show !