Hollywood PAL has 15 kids training for the 2014 LA Marathon as part of Students Run LA (SRLA).  With one month to go, the kids are tired, sore and nervous. Officer Maria Ceja brought in two speakers to inspire them and turn those nerves into excitement.  First, Ericka from Running Circle led a “Good Form Clinic” on January 22nd and gave the kids individual pointers on how to run efficiently, how to reset one’s alignment during a race, and eased their aches and pains with posture tips. Tiffany Ortiz said, “She told me that I was moving my arms too much and that was making me more tired. She was right, and I already feel better with the new form.” Then on February 4th, a friend of a board member came to practice to give the kids emotional support. Eduardo, who works in Hollywood, is running his 7th marathon. He talked about when he started running and why he keeps running, how each marathon was different and what it means to him to complete a race. The kids were absolutely inspired by his dedication, not to mention impressed by his speed! On February 22nd, the kids will run 20 miles, then they will be ready for the LA Marathon on March 9th.  Special thanks to Fabiolus Cafe for donating the pre-marathon feast on March 7th!

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