Hollywood PAL is the proud partner of the 2017 National PAL Mentoring Grant. While mentoring has been an important part of our mission, this grant will help us to create a structure for mentor training and mentee tracking. Officer Abrams, who has been overseeing the Tutoring Program, has taken the lead for the Mentoring Program as well. The Hollywood PAL policy is that any child who has a G.P.A under 2.0 must be placed on academic probation and attend tutoring in order to stay in PAL. We currently have 36 kids being tutored. These children and a few others have been selected for the mentoring program as well.  PAL Officers as well as select staff and volunteers will be trained as mentors and work with 5-10 kids each this year with the support of National PAL’s mentor curriculum. We are excited to see how these children are impacted by having a mentor. If you are interested in volunteering with the tutoring and mentoring program please come see Officer Abrams in the office.

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