When you have the privilege to witness the achievements and growth of those who grew up through Hollywood PAL Programs in their youth and blossom into adulthood, tackling their dreams and aspirations—there are no words that describe how proud we are as an organization.

Two of our PAL Alumni have taken the vow to Protect and Serve and are among the new graduating class from the Police Academy!

Meet Officer Ayala Pulido and Officer Hipolito! These two outstanding women have endured months of training, learning experiences, and trials to graduate and demonstrate that through hard work and determination, you can achieve your goals! Through long days, short nights, tireless studying, and scenario training, we marvel at their perseverance and admirable spirit to keep going, despite the challenges.

We are overjoyed for the graduates and their families, sharing in the excitement as they begin the next chapter!

Thanks for joining us April 28th at the
2024 HPAL Car Show !