In the vibrant city of Hollywood, a group of thirteen PAL kids and mentors embarked on an incredible adventure. As part of the Hollywood Police Activities League, and our dedication to empowering local youth, they set off on a journey to the National PAL Youth Summit in Washington DC.

For many of these PAL kids, the trip was filled with first-time experiences. From boarding a plane to reaching the nation’s capital, they discovered a world of possibilities awaiting them. Meeting other young people from different states was especially exciting, as they realized their shared dreams and aspirations. Strong friendships were formed, teaching them the value of unity and understanding.

The summit provided an opportunity for the PAL kids to showcase their leadership skills. Two remarkable individuals, Derek and Yarelli, bravely shared their personal experiences and wisdom on a youth panel for a mentor training session. Meanwhile, Karen’s joyful spirit shone through as she laughed and participated in activities like potato sack races and building a tower of shoes. Alvin and the rest of the group eagerly explored the city’s landmarks and learned interesting facts through the NPAL Scavenger Hunt, displaying their teamwork and enthusiasm.

Beyond the fun and games, this journey was a transformative experience. The PAL kids and their chaperones discovered new dimensions of each other’s personalities, learning to communicate better and truly understand one another. Immersed in the rich history of their country while touring the Capitol and strolling through the National Mall, they gained valuable knowledge and were inspired to shape the future.

Throughout the week, these PAL kids absorbed essential tools and skills that will guide them into adulthood. They learned about perseverance, empathy, and the significance of pursuing their dreams relentlessly. With a renewed sense of purpose and an ignited spark for their own potential, each young traveler returned home ready to embrace their journey ahead.

Thank you to all our supporters for making this once in a lifetime experience possible!

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