Congratulations to the 14 PAL Kids and Officer Maria Ceja for completing the 2014 LA Marathon on March 8, 2014. This is the 5th year that Hollywood PAL has participated in the program Students Run LA (SRLA), and our kids continue to prove themselves.  It was not easy training 3 times a week for 6 months, but they passed the finish line with flying colors. Congratulations to…

Alfredo Aldana
David Aldana
Cynthia Ayala
Helen Belloso
Nelson Belloso
Carlos Calderon
Gonzales, Jaime
Kevin Lopez
Paola Lopez
Edwin Mazariegos
George Mazariegos
Vada Morales
Oscar Ortiz
Tiffany Ortiz

Aldana, Alfredo
Aldana, David
Ayala, Cynthia
Belloso, Helen
Belloso, Nelson
Calderon, Carlos
Estrada, Diego
Gonzales, Jaime
Lopez, Kevin
Lopez, Paola
Mazariegos, Edwin
Mazariegos, George
Morales, Vada
Ortiz, Oscar
Ortiz, Tiffany

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