In a season primed for giving, the Hero’s and Helpers event at Target kicked off with a bang! Greeted with the bright smiles of the Target staff, the Hollywood Officers and the kids got set to do their holiday shopping, parents in toe behind them. Dashing toward the toy section, the kids knew exactly what to do.

Branching from the toy section to electronics, candy section, sports, and to the plushie isle, hardly any corner of Target went unscathed as the Officers helped the kids select and narrow down the perfect gifts to bring home. Some kids felt so generous this season, they were not merely shopping for only themselves, but for siblings and family members as well while wearing big smiles on their faces in anticipation of the surprise they would bring.

The Officers wore their hearts on their sleeves today as they shared in creating a wonderful core memory for the children and their families. Tis the season for our Hero’s and Helpers!

Poker at the Pantages is coming August 23,2024