There’s something about the holidays that bring out the best in us and the compulsion to be cheery, giving, and spend quality time with those we care about. For Hollywood PAL, that meant spending an amazing evening with the precious families that truly make our mission worthwhile. The 2023 Holiday Event at Paramount Studios was a spectacle of wonder as we hosted over 400 youth, families, officers, volunteers, and staff to a pot-luck style dinner and a movie in the Paramount Theatre.

With the Christmas tree as the centerpiece of the evening, children and their families got to meet and take pictures with Santa who arrived in a police cruiser, awards given to some outstanding PAL kids, and closing out the night by showing of Paw Patrol 2, where after the show, we saw sparkling trees and holiday lights leading us out of the lot. It was a lovely experience for all in attendance.

To see more wonderful photos from this event, check out this photo album on our Facebook page!

Poker at the Pantages is coming August 23,2024