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    The hollywood Police Activities League is proud to present our current Programs

    Martial Arts

    Hollywood PAL’s Martial Arts program is driven through specific core values that utilize karate, judo, and jiu jitsu to implement an environment based on a model of self-discipline, an initiation of drive, and a quest for integrity. 


    Our Soccer program integrates passion and exercise in fun and exciting practices that fortifies leadership and friendship in each age group. Within the program, all youth participate in league activities that fuse the principles of soccer with responsibility, drive and family


    Virtual Tutoring

    The Virtual Tutoring Program empowers, guides, and aids students towards success in their education while participating in other programs. Here, each student is partnered with a tutor that specializes in the subjects of the students needs. Our diverse team of tutors are here to help drive our students towards success.

    Girl Scouts

    Join our Hollywood PAL’s Girl Scouts! In partnership with Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles, Hollywood PAL offers educational, enrichment, and outdoor activities for young girl ages 7-17 through after-school classes and workshops.

    Youth Advisory Council

    Leadership starts here! More information coming soon in the Fall.


    The Hollywood Police Activities League

    Hollywood Fit Club

    PAL offers a variety of activities through the Hollywood Fit Club, such as running, hiking, dance, and fitness classes. Depending on availability, the activities will either be a multi-week program or a one-day special events.  

    Pal Scholarship Awardees with Officers

    Hollywood PAL Scholarship Program

    As we continue to create a pathway to success, Hollywood PAL offers partial need-based college scholarships to PAL alumni to help support their educational endeavors. This competitive grant is open for PAL Alumni and participants.


    Hollywood PAL


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