Week of April12- April 16, 2021


PAL Chat: Wednesday 3PM

Meeting ID: 860 9553 2434
Passcode: palchats

Soccer Virtual Practice (Open to all): Wednesday 6PM


Meeting ID: 813 6858 3354
Passcode: palsoccer
Virtual Audio Engineering Class: Thursday 4:30PM

Meeting ID: 736 1371 1535

Passcode: makemusic

Virtual Fit Club: Thursday 7PM
Zoom ID# 863-3032-0162
Passcode# 999999

Virtual Martial Arts: Thursday and Friday 3-5:30PM (Call office for more info)

Virtual Girl Scouts: Friday 4PM (Call office for more info)

Martial Arts

New Karate forms practice material for all students posted April 6th, don’t forget to stretch first!


No matter where you come from, you can strive to be the best!  Check out his special message from CSULA College Soccer Team players!


​Hollywood PAL Chat with Macy Gray on our youth discussion.

Click Below to check out our Hollywood PAL YouTube Page!